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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Cat: Clarabelle

Since the weekend, we've had a guest visitor. She looks like a fluffy version of Moo so it's pretty funny and confusing. She eats like a ravenous beast. And I keep saying she because her face is just so pretty, she must be a girl. And she isn't aggressive to Moo and Opal, which also leads me to think she must be a girl. 

not the best picture, but you see the resemblance, right?
She still doesn't get too close to us, but she does eat in our presence now. I'm not really looking for another cat, but I will not NOT take care of her if she needs food and a warm bed. She is welcome to share my back porch with Moo and Opal. If she gets comfortable enough, we'll have her spayed and vetted. Because that's the kind of people we are. And if she's already pregnant, we'll find her kittens homes and get her spayed later. 
what a pretty face. what a hungry love.

She seems like a cat that someone had, as she isn't too leery of us humans, and will roll around like she wants to be petted. It makes me so sad that someone put her out. I don't understand how people can decide to have a pet and then discard it. That life is a life just like our own and deserves love and respect. While the last thing I need is another vet bill, the last thing my soul needs is to see a creature need us and us not give it what it needs. 

People, please think before you take in a pet. If you think you may not love it when the cute baby-ness wears off, don't get it to start with. Abandonment should not be an option.

We're calling her Clarabelle. I hope she finds herself happy with us, or finds her way back home. I hope that she just escaped and someone is looking fervently for her, but somehow I doubt that. 

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