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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Let's Do This Thing

My weight is the same as it was two weeks postpartum two years AFTER I gave birth. We are not going to talk about that is but it's at least 30 pounds more than I want/need to be. What?!? Yeah. Not cool. Currently, negotiations are raging regarding another child and I cannot be at this weight when I get pregnant. No no no no no. Oh, and my husband is currently in better shape (i.e. he can walk up a flight of stairs and not DIE) which is not typical for us. So, it's time to do something about it. I started in January ( didn't make a "resolution" really but it was on My Hopes and Dreams list), keeping up with calories, exercising more and trying to do better. I've lost about ten pounds, which puts me back to where I was before Thanksgiving and Christmas. I may have eaten A LOT of Christmas goodies. Possibly. 

With this in mind, I was reading through my blogroll the other day and came across Mommy in the Midwest's post and realized she was using My Fitness Pal, which is an iphone app. Um, duh? Why wasn't I using this??? Sure, I'd created a pretty excel spreadsheet but dude, that wasn't cutting it. I had to look up calories, enter them, blah blah blah. It was killing me. Andplusalso I suck at math so figuring out how many calories I had left wasn't fun. 

I only starting using this app today but let me tell you what I'm already loving:

  • It's on my phone. (read: I have it with me always.)
  • It knows the calories already. No looking the shiz up.
  • It does the math for me. I know what I have to "spend" and I can see how my exercise help that bank. 
  • It tracks my weight in a graph. Which is way better than just a number list!
  • And Mommy in the Midwest is my buddy! Nothing holds you accountable like having a partner in crime!

What I hate? That I'm accountable. That I didn't find this sooner. And that's it! This app is freaking awesome!

It's time to get back in shape and quit making excuses! Let's DO THIS THING! 


 If anyone else is using it look me up: I'm hlsblue (duh!). 


  1. It's a great app I have been using it as well. Well I have been. The last month I was working out but not recording . So I must get back into it.

    1. Yes, you must get back on it so that I can find you and stalk you and have another buddy!!!

  2. Oh I just love you hlsblue! :)


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