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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm Excited: Game of Thrones

I am so stinking excited this show will be back March 31st. Happy Easter from Westeros, people. 

I plan on being full of birthday cake and treating myself to an Easter beer that night in honor of the show. 

I've been so disappointed since I finished the last book written in the series. I read through them like a starving person consuming a turkey leg. So fast I didn't even bother to find out that the series wasn't finished and that I would have to wait an indefinite amount of time to get to the next book. 

I'm convinced George R.R. Martin will die (it would just be my luck)  before he finishes and I'm so damned upset about it. Please don't let him die! 

I read a couple of his other books, and they are good, too. But not the same. I want this story. I have invested hours of my life reading these books. And if you've seen them, you know what kind of time I have invested. 

Re-reading the third book may be a good idea before the show re-starts. 

One of my favorite parts about reading the books is spoiling the show periodically for my husband. He asks a question and I gladly divulge the answer like the expert that I am. 

Here's the extended trailer for the upcoming season:

I can't wait to see the subtle differences between the show and the books. That's one of my favorite parts of reading books and watching the shows/movies. That's just how my literature-fueled mind works. 

My favorite characters, on the show and in the books. 


 I love the IMP, bitches. He is cold, calculating, and cunning. And somehow, he is kind behind all of that. This season will not disappoint. I expect more kindness and more cruelty than ever. 

Araya Stark:
This little girl's spirit thrills me. She is fearless and tough. Her adventures this season will be amazing as she travels across Westeros. 
Daenerys Targaryen:
She never ceases to amaze me. She's strong and vibrant and slightly insane, just like her ancestors. Her dragons! They will be larger this season and she will make herself a queen, with an army behind her. 
There is so much I'm looking forward to this season. I feel like HBO is the Easter Bunny, bringing me a favorite show for my basket!

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