A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. ~Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hopes and Dreams for 2013

If I were a good blogger, I would have a list of resolutions to share here. Things that I have no intention of actually accomplishing, but that sounds really good on a list of things I wish I could do. I'm neither a good blogger nor am I into making lists of things I never intend to stick to. That isn't to say that I don't have dreams of what this year will bring. I do. I have big dreams and lots of hope. 

I'm dreaming of lots of dance parties in the middle of my den with my little person.

I'm dreaming of a Wonder Pets themed 2nd Birthday party.

I'm dreaming of less panic, less anxiety, less depression in this new year.

I'm dreaming of more health for me, less sickness, more exercise. 

I'm dreaming of my husband's family business turning a real profit again.

I'm dreaming of the beach.

I'm hopeful that I may find more patience through a devoted approach to yoga.

I'm hopeful that others will find more tolerance.

I'm hoping that people in general will be kinder, less quick to take action to harm others.

I'm dreaming of my house becoming neat and organized and hoping that I can make it happen.

I'm hoping and dreaming that I can make this little blog a successful venture, and that I can find a good direction for it. 

I'm dreaming of dates with my husband and hoping that we can find a little more time for each other this year.

I'm dreaming of tiny miniature gardens in my back yard, and creating more fantasy for my little goddess.

I'm hoping for more creativity to spring from my fingers, more love to pour forth from them and create wonders for little eyes

I'm dreaming of crafts with my little artist, and painting more with her.

I'm dreaming of re-doing our bed room; hanging stuff on the walls and new bedding and new bathroom rugs (can you believe my rugs are ten years old? what's up with that?)

As you can see, I resolve to do nothing. My resolve is poor and well, damn near non-existent. I have lots of hopes and dreams for this year, though. And I think I can make my dreams come true. I have a year to pull them off, after all!


  1. I love this. I didn't make resolutions rather a lust of things to accomplish this year.

  2. Hey friend! I found this blog when I clicked on your picture under my comments (thank you for your comments lately, sorry for making you cry - but hey you had no make-up on so we're good ;) )
    I'm not sure if you intended to have followers from your other blog follow you here too so just let me know if I should or shouldn't. Thing is, I was searching for your other blog, the one I have always followed but thought I had lost your URL and because it was private I thought I'd never find you. I found you LOL cause I clicked on your picture haha (duh!) and then it just so happens that your other blog was starting to show recent posts in my feed again anyhow (is it still private?.) Anyway, long (confusing) story short, I am here and have missed reading your posts. I was getting behind because your posts weren't showing up.
    I love your list of things to (maybe) achieve this year. I am like you, I have awesome intentions lol
    I hope you can achieve some (if not all) of them!! xoxo

    1. You can totally follow me!! :) And the other one is still private, it just feels better to me that way. I'm still trying to find my stride here.


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