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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Belly Rubs and Breast Exams

Sunday afternoon, my Sassy-Cat was in my lap for her usual post nap belly rub. As I mindlessly gushed her belly in the usual way, a largish hard spot stopped me in my tracks. My fingers explored her furry belly. Was it just a nipple? No, the others weren't that big. So I flipped her over. I thought it was a tick at first, but upon closer examination I realized it was a swollen nipple. With a lump. I made my husband check it out. We agreed it wasn't normal, but was perhaps a clogged milk duct or some other mammary infection. I made her an appointment for today. 

comfy, lady?
I drove home to get her, dreading putting her in the crate. I took the crate from the shelf in the garage, brought it inside and dusted it off. I lined it with a chenille blanket filled with sentimental kitty value and went and scooped my sleeping girl from her (my) spot where she was napping in the bed. Getting her in the crate has never been easier. She cried on the way, as per usual.

my girls
We arrived and while we were in the waiting area, my husband and I could barely contain our excitement over a dog with a pair of balls growing at her chin. I'm sure it wasn't funny, as it was likely a tumor, which is not funny, but the appearance was hilarious. 

Then it was our turn. And we received the sobering news that our first baby will need to have a mastectomy. My hopes of a clogged duct were shattered and the fear that I had been holding back came rushing to the surface. I barely got out of there before the hot tears started to stream down my face. (Our first cat, Merlin, succumbed on October 19, 2008 at 7 years old to a brain tumor. It was really hard and this brought it all back to the surface.) My first little girl will be having a mastectomy on Tuesday. We didn't want to do it before the big second birthday Friday, as we know our human daughter will want to have her grape (gray) kitty there to celebrate with her. 
Merlin. <3

We cancelled our weekend trip. There is no way on earth I will leave my girl for the weekend and then take her for surgery the day we get back. Hopefully, the tumor will be a benign little bitch that can be easily removed and recovered from. Kitty cancer can suck it. 
Christmas day cuddles

The moral of this story is to remind you to give your pets their daily belly rubs. It serves a dual purpose: love and affection & early detection. 

On Saturday, February 2nd we took sassy to have her stitches out and found out that the tumor was indeed a malignant breast cancer. The vet feels confident he got all the cancer...so for now, she is in the clear. We just have to watch her for any further lumps and bumps or any strange activity. As of right now, I think she feels pretty great. She has been on TREAT PATROL lately. Looking for treats and destroying any bag that is left unsecured. She doesn't have front claws...this is a feat. 


  1. WOW!!! That is so great that you noticed the lump and didnt ignore it. You are a great pet owner! Hope the surgery goes well.

    1. Thanks, Holli. I hope it is early enough because that little fur ball is my baby. :)

  2. Good that you discovered it before it's too late. Hope everything's turns out ok, i'll be thinking of you guys!

  3. Yikes how scary. I just love that she'll snuggle with emi. My cats run for the hills when the boys are present!

    1. She's a glutton for punishment. Little girl pulls her tail and she may or may not get up and walk off. She thinks she's the mama, very maternal that kitty. I'm pretty obnoxious though so all of the cats mostly take her wildness in stride.


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