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Friday, January 11, 2013

MIA and Why I am Done with Pinterest

I've been gone from this blog all week. I just can't bring myself to post anything if I can't bring myself to post the post that I can't bring myself to post. I want to post it. The issue is very serious and very much a part of my life, but as for actually hitting the publish button and sharing, which I know will help ME, I can't do it. Maybe next week.

But we'll talk now about why I am finished using Pinterest. 

I like looking at pictures mindlessly and finding good ideas and blogs and other such things. But the thing is, whenever I find something I want to purchase, it isn't available, it's just a photo without a link or some other bullshit. I found a wonderful bath toy for the little girl's birthday next week. Wonderful toy. It was a little bath fountain that recirculated the water from the tub through a spout. She could have running water without filling the tub over the top. It was genius. I needed this thing, she needed this thing. Unavailable. I proceeded to spend one hour of my life obsessing over finding this little item. And I did find one for sale, somewhere, for $369. WTF. It is a $20 toy. No thanks. 

I did find a similar, less adorable but equally functional product eventually.(you can see it here ) But I'm sorry. Another dead end. Followed by another. I have too much actual stuff to do to spend an hour looking for something that I can't get. 

And then, here's the real problem I find with Pinterest (i'm not even going to dignify it with a capital P anymore). It creates an unattainable ideal, taking the focus off the child. Mommies get so focused on making everything "pinterest perfect" that they forget to have fun. They stress themselves to the max because they know that their mommy friends have seen their pinterest boards and will expect their kid's birthday to party to be that awesome. Really? Who cares what those other moms think? I'm more concerned with my kid and what she thinks. I don't even invite anyone but family to my kid's parties, but if I spend all the time it would take to make it "pinterest perfect" I would feel compelled to have this huge blowout of a party, spend a whole pay check on decorations and for what? My kid to cry in a corner because there are too many damned people over. I'm over the pinterest pressure. Don't you think we have enough pressure without trying to create a picture perfect life all the time? I do. I have to work, and even if you don't, you probably have a ton of other much more important stuff to accomplish during the day. 

Life is messy. Sometimes there is garbage in my pictures, literally. Who cares? The most fun is had in the messiest of houses, and love takes the cake, not a pinterest board. Sure, perfect pictures rock. But take them of your kid and not stuff. 

And let's not even get me started on the motivational crap, the outfits that make me feel like I should never eat again, and all the other crap that's there. I'm done with the pinterest pressure. And it feels good. So good.  

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