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Friday, January 25, 2013

Stuff I Love

I've been struggling with format for this blog, well, since I started it. I like to blog about my kid but  I took that off the table. So, who am I? I'm not a fashion blogger but I love fashion. Well, as long as it's comfy. I use a lot of products, clothes and house hold and everything else. I'm not a television or movie critic, either, but I do love to sit in front of the television. I'm not a food critic either, but I love to eat. You get the idea, here, right?  I think it's time to make it clear WHO I am here, besides a mother. For 31 years I was not a mother, and while it now defines me, that is not the entirety of my existence. It's part of why I continued to work, so I could keep a portion of myself, separate from my beautiful child.  I will ALWAYS be a mother now, but she will not always need me the way she does right now. I have to maintain myself in order to be okay when that day comes. 

I'm going to start a new feature (wait, isn't everything new here?) about some of the stuff I love. I think not only will it help me develop my voice for this blog, but it will give my handful of readers some insight into who I am. Isn't that what this is about? I think so. And the stuff we wear and use and love is really one of the first tips into who we are. (And let me be completely honest here, I'm sort of totally stealing the idea from La Maman Heureuse.)

So here's my first "Stuff I Love" post. I love the cozy, deconstructed look of this sweat shirt. And the message of the company, the embodiment of love, living the life you were meant to live. It's really an important message to be true to yourself. About Wear Love
Wear Love

wear love

I had a hard time deciding between the first shirt and the second. I ended up with the second because it's lighter weight, which in Georgia needs to be considered. It has been an extremely mild winter. They say there may be freezing ice today but I'm pretty sure they are lying so they can close schools. Enough about the snow conspiracy.  I just cannot get enough of cozy sweats right now. I think that comes from the cold and the sick child I've had lately and my desire for it to be always the weekend. Don't get me wrong I love to look nice, but I can be cozy while doing it, right? Anyways, if you haven't checked this company out yet, you should. I cannot wait to receive my new hoodie!


  1. I love your new feature and I don't mind you stealing my feature LOL you're welcom :-)


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