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Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Week In Review

This week has been far from the best of weeks. The kiddo turned two and then started puking in bed. She is only just better today from the fever and the best thing happened last night: she started coughing. I hope it isn't going to be one sickness on top of the other for us. 

So that sucked. Then, while the kiddo was still sick, Sassy had to have her mastectomy. That was lovely. The incision was larger than I anticipated but they did let us go ahead and bring her home that night instead of waiting until the next day. She had to stay confined, however, and it was so sad. She was high on pain meds and hissing and growling at the floor basically. Yesterday, she tried to get in our bed and missed the first time. We'll have the pathology back sometime next week when we get the stitches out, but for now, all seems good. She's sore, but she's an old lady who just had a mastectomy, so that's to be expected. 

Ol' Seven Tits
While I was on the way to pick up Sassy, I returned a phone call from my mom. Who informed me that the police had had to be called on my brother, again. He had taken too much of something, was acting a fool and hitting his wife. He was taken to jail, then taken to the hospital, where he refused the charcoal treatment. He was then knocked out, given the charcoal and put on a ventilator. He's awake again and says he knows he made a big mistake. Yeah, boy, that doesn't cover it. Big is not a big enough word for the mistake(s) you've made. I think there will be some jail time for this one. At least in jail, you don't get released for bad behavior like you evidently do in a rehab facility. 

Needless to say, Tuesday sucked a giant cock and Wednesday wasn't much better. But today, today is a new day and today is better. Way better. The kid is better (I think) and the cat is okay and the brother, well, he yet lives

a fire, as requested by the tiny human

There will be good t.v. tomorrow night: SPARTACUS! War of the Damned. I'm all frothy just thinking about it. Gross, right? But some of us live for the little things. 

squishy cat
Cheers to new days and brighter tomorrows!

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