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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Extended Rear-Facing (ERF)

I'm an anomaly here. My child, at two, is still rear-facing. Georgia law states that children may be turned forward-facing at one year or 20 pounds. Most people can't wait for that day and flip their tiny babies right around. Co-workers and family members (most of my friends do extended rear-facing, too, because they rock) look at me like I'm nuts when I'm loading my kid or they see my car seat. They say things like, "oh, why don't you turn her around?" or "you're so crazy to keep her rear-facing, she'd be so much happier if you turned her around." Really, would she be happier? She doesn't know the difference because she has never faced forward. She doesn't cry or pitch a fit now, anyways, so what would she do, fart unicorns and rainbows in my general direction as I drive? Oh, and would she be happier in the event that her mama rear-ends someone and her neck gets broken? I don't think so. I'm a terrible driver. Forward facing is dangerous for adults, and as my dad likes to point out, we'd all be safer if we rear-faced, especially in air planes. I mean, we can't drive facing backwards, but really, it's safer. So why do we want to push our children to forward face knowing that they are safer rear facing? I just don't get it. And the nay-sayers who like to question my parenting decision, the decision to listen to the AAP and not just the law can all suck rotten eggs. Just because something is the LAW doesn't mean it's the safest choice out there. Cigarettes and beer are legal and they both kill. Legality is a moot point as far as I'm concerned. 

I recently found Treading Raging Waters   and it just served to cement all of my feelings on this subject. It has so much useful car seat information that you don't necessarily know.  I think every new parent should read this , and really, I think the hospital should give a class on car seat safety and installation before you leave, just like they teach how to bath and diaper.  I'm not sure if it's just where I live but the little exit class the hospital gives is really lame and ridiculously basic. Like, don't drown your baby in the tub by leaving it unattended; your baby can't contract HIV from being hugged; don't wash the umbilical cord; don't forget to burp your baby after feeding; don't forget to USE a car seat; etc. 

Here are some helpful links:

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