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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cat or Rat?

Our smallest cat, Zaxby, has been given a new name by our child. She likes to call her "Rat." I have no idea where this nickname came from, as no one else calls her that. In fact, if she were to pick up a random nickname for Zax from us, it would probably be The Pisser, or possibly the Snack, but with our luck, it would be pisser. I'm constantly cussing when I find random items peed upon, "that damn pisser pissed on my favorite ____." So my luck dictates that the nickname should be the damn pisser. I really do try to curb my enthusiastic swearing around my child, but sometimes....it just comes out. 

In any event, Zax has a new name. We all now affectionately call her Rat. Honey, please pet the rat. Where's the rat? Have you given treats to the rat today? I never knew I would be so cool with having a rat live in my house, especially one that pees on everything that isn't..well, just everything. She pees on it all. There's nothing like getting to work, all dressed after who knows how long, to discover that there's an odor and it's YOU. Great feeling. But this wasn't supposed to be a post about cat pee, although I could post plenty on the topic and still might. I just thought I'd share about my old cat with a new name. Rat. I can't wait until she starts naming her stuffed animals; this could be very entertaining. 

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