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Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Purchases

Our weekend was lovely, although filled with a sick toddler. We opted to not leave the house all weekend, after Thanksgiving that is. So for three whole days, we holed up in our jammies. Really, that was better than anything. 

I did accomplish some online shopping. My husband's birthday is this week (it has never been so far from Thanksgiving!) so I ordered him some things.

And of course, I ordered myself something. This will be a wonderful holiday dress, especially with leggings so I don't show my hoo-ha. And boots, of course!


And we also did a bit of Small Business Saturday shopping on Etsy. Just because we couldn't get out didn't mean we were going to abandon the event. We're huge supporters!! Although, I will say I'm not certain the day after Black Friday is the best day for it. People are looking for big deals, at big stores. I'm not sure when would be better, though. 

etsy shop

Anyways, here's that purchase. (Emily and I have a giraffe ornament for Christmas tradition.)

I really adore our stuff and can't wait to see it all in person!


  1. Love, love, love the dress, i have a soft spot for dresses like that, got a new one waiting to wear and another coming my way, impeccable taste dear twin, if I say so myself ;-)

    and love the little etsy shop, saw the cutest thing for the little one's room :-)

    1. thanks, twinsie! I thought of you when I saw it, since I know you like the stripes!! :)


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