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Friday, November 2, 2012

Shoes + Toddler = Hell

My 21 month old daughter, E, refuses to wear shoes other than her Crocs. Period. The end. Sometimes, she will wear her squeaky shoes without too much heartache. Some days, she won't even wear the Crocs. I think those days, she just doesn't want to leave the house, period. Other days, she puts her Crocs on by herself and insists we leave or go outside. 

You never know what you'll get. It may be a tantrum or a good time, and no one knows which it will be until that minute. 

I'm fairly certain the Crocs are such a hit because she can put them on herself. Independence is key with a strong-willed little girl. 

So...today, we ordered new winter Crocs. Hello, beautiful, you make my life one tiny bit easier. 

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