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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Gnomes

Thanksgiving is just over one week away. How can it be upon us already?? Oh, well, it is and that's that. Nothing we can do.

Turkey day officially starts the Christmas season for us. However, I'm already in the Christmas Spirit. My office at work has been decked out for a week and Pandora has been set on Indie Holiday Radio since then as well. Back to Thanksgiving....i'm so easily distracted by all the pretty lights and ribbons....this weekend my daughter and I made little pilgrim gnomes from polymer clay. They turned out delightfully, although only two of them are actually pilgrims, the others, well, they're just regular gnomes. These gnomes were really easy and fun! Andplusalso they really helped me get in the spirit of Thanksgiving by making me pause and remember it even existed!! 

gnomes cooking
more gnomes cooking

completed pilgrim gnome

terrarium gnome

all the little gnomes!!

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