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Monday, February 4, 2013

Toddler Crafts: Valentine's Cards + Target $$ Aisle

Doing crafts with my little one remains a favorite past time of mine, and I'm pretty sure she's a fan of it as well. While perusing the the dollar aisle at Target Saturday, we found a butt load of Valentine's Day craft supplies.  A plethora of pink and purple puffy hearts, glitter hearts, plain hearts and other goodies looked back at me. I found a pack of cards and selected one of each of the stickers. 

Yesterday morning, the little one and I went to the den to make the cards, armed with magic markers and stickers. It was bound to be a fun morning. And it was. She enjoyed sticking the HEARTS all over the cards although she whipped me for trying to make one myself. Oops. No, no, mama, she said. Bad mama. Other than that, I received more kisses and hugs than the law allows. She loves crafts and always thanks me by drowning me in kisses. It's the most wonderful thing ever. 

This was really a score on the dollar aisle for once. Not that it's not always a score, but this time, the dividends were well paid in return for my less than $5 project. And some family members will be thrilled to receive their little surprises in the mail this week. 

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