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Friday, February 22, 2013

It's Friday, y'all! Random Thoughts

As always, I'm super stoked that Friday has rolled around yet again. I have zero big plans for the weekend, although I'm sure we'll come up with something fun to do. We've had a big week around the house, getting a few things done. Such as, our closet fell five months ago and we just got it back up. If you've ever had a closet fall, you know how bad it sucks, and five months of that? Pfft. It was my husband's side, but still. I'm sure mine is next....He says he plans to take action before it falls on its own, so we'll see. Getting it fixed did result in me having more space and finding several items I had been missing. My favorite out and about Coach bag, which is perfect for a couple of diapers, changing pad, keys and a phone. Another shirt that I just adore and I was afraid I had sent it to Goodwill. But nope. And it's nice to see my husband able to find his clothes again, which has resulted in me seeing him a few "new" old items. If you can't tell, I'm super excited about this!

Another thing, I won a giveaway last year to Gallery Direct for $200 smackers. I couldn't decide what to order, but since it was coming up on a year I decided it was time to shit or get of the pot, as my dad would say. I selected, unbeknownst to my husband, a large canvas of Botticelli's Birth of Venus. I've always wanted a naked lady in the bathroom, and who could be better than Venus? Plus, it will go really well with my bathroom, where I plan to hang her over the tub. (sorry for the grainy image but I'm too lazy to go anywhere else and find a better one)

I'm trying to think what else I have to do....oh yes. The sheets. My favorite sheets have a dreadful rip in them so I must find a replacement. I do have another set just like them in white, my favorites are pink, so I at least have a back up already. Not that I don't have plenty of sheets. We have so many, but I am a sheet snob. I like them soft and lite and just so. We have many failures. I use those on the guest bed. Sorry guests. Not that they aren't nice, because they are. They just don't meet my exacting standards. 

I've had a lot on my heart lately, especially with my brother being in rehab still and a dear friend experiencing her second miscarriage. It's hard for me to see people suffer, good and bad alike. There is little I can do for either of their souls but offer words of encouragement and love, and lift them up in prayers. I'm trying hard to become more spiritual, to see God more in my life. Having never been overly spiritual, this is new territory for me. Today, I dropped a dollar under my car in the parking lot. It's raining, so the asphalt was all wet with water and oil and gunk. I chose not to crawl under my car for the single dollar. Not that I'm rich, that I don't need it, but my pants were worth more than that and I was pretty sure I would ruin them on that ground. I'm a big fan of my Lucky jeans. So, I left it. Perhaps it stayed put right there, or perhaps it blew to somewhere else in the parking lot. But that dollar will be found by someone. It may not be much, but it might make someone's day. I tried to envision the person who will find it; an old lady, a small child, a mother. It won't mean a lot, it's just a dollar, but maybe they can get themselves a candy bar or something on me. It made me smile. 

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