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Friday, February 8, 2013

What Did That (Seemingly) Well Meaning Lady Mean?

The other day, while getting out of my car at Target, I was trying desperately to negotiate with my daughter to not take everything she has ever owned into the store with us. She was crying and holding on to everything so maniacally while I tried to get a grip on her so I could get her on my hip. She was screaming loudly at me. 

And a lady walked up and although I'm sure she meant well, I have been a bit freaked out since. Was I yelling at my child? What should I have done? Should I have let her help me? Or slapped her? Or at least thrown a few heinous words her way? Or just what I did, which was politely thank her and decline?? 

All she did was come up and politely tell me that she understood, she had a little one too, and did I need some help. 

I of course, declined, saying we were fine. 

Which we were, about five minutes later. When I had everything packed into her bag finally, although she didn't want me to put it in the bag at all. I knew she would forget about all the crap as soon as we got inside, so I was annoyed, I know I was. This stage kills me slowly. The I have to have it all right now forever stage. It's hard. 

I don't know. I think she meant well. But was she judging that I couldn't handle my kid? Or was she a baby thief, who I averted by denying her access to my child? I'm not sure. I was super concerned the rest of my trip and was super relieved when my parents arrived. 

And I was so ashamed, I told no one until I finally confessed to my husband last night. And now. 


  1. Weird...I'd probably have the exact same reaction you're having. Don't be embarrassed, this lady is the strange one (well-intentioned or not). I think if she was being judgy or snotty she would have said something rude. She is probably just the kind of person that says/does before she thinks. She probably would stop and help a random person before you or I because we have that weird social anxiety. Don't be ashamed! You're such a good mama. We definitely ALL have these moments.

    1. Right? It was just so weird. It still sits funny with me, over a week later. I hope she was just a nice person acting out of kindness without thinking...

  2. I have done this myself except I usually say Girl I feel your pain been there done that. Aren't they precious! Most women are like thank you finally someone who understands.

    1. This makes me feel somewhat better. Although, she was not nearly as cool as you would have been! She came off a little awkward & creepy. Maybe it was her first time??


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