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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stuff I Love

I'm a mushy animal lover. I prefer creatures to people 98% of the time. I cannot help it. Creatures don't judge and god knows they have every right to judge us. Consider what we do to them: kill them for food ( i have the least problem with this, actually), kill them because we don't want to share our world with them, kill them as trophies to hang on our walls, abandon them (if they're lucky they get left at a shelter or somewhere they can eat), we abuse them in every way possible. And yet, it's pretty rare that they kill us, torture us, abandon us, etc. in return. Truly rare, considering. I know it happens, a shark eat a surfer, a caged tiger revolts, a dog attacks. But considering the proximity we typically live in and the opportunities they have to retaliate, they don't do it too often. 

Okay, well, wherever THAT came from. Anyways, I love animals (and clearly wonder why they love us back) and so with THAT I'm going to dedicate this edition of Stuff I Love to them. 

First of all, this scarf. It has been all in my face, so I ordered one. Cats all over it? Of course it had my name all over it. I can't wait to wear it. It'll be far better than wearing cat hair all over myself to express my love for them...although I'll probably still wear that, too. 

And then this video. It's really happy but it brought me to tears. This dog Rufo lived in a shelter for 6 years before finding a home. And just the fact that someone believed in him enough for long enough to allow him to leave and experience love melted me into a big gushy puddle. It's really worth your six minutes, I promise. He gave six years to seeing this happy ending for himself, after all, so six minutes is pretty meager considering.

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  1. love the scarf, it's the cutest ... And that story about Rufo just melted my heart, so happy that he found a home.


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