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Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Working Day!

Today will be my last work day before Christmas. My heart is eager to embrace the morning of that day, little eyes thrilled to see all of the fun prezzies the man in the red suit brought her. There will be lots of prezzies for the little girl: a kitchen, dishes, a rocking giraffe, a little Nod Chair, lots of art supplies and other goodies, books. We went a bit overboard, for sure. But light of everything, I feel warmth and peace about it. I'm glad that I have my girl here with me, that I can shower her with gifts and kisses and see her face on that special day. 

Nothing in this world would sound more appealing to me. Other than the gift of five straight days off to spend with her! We'll see family and be running everywhere to fit it all in. But we'll be together. The stress that has built in our lives over the past weeks will magically melt away; it always does. 

The house, already filled with the smell of Christmas needles, will smell sweeter these days. There will be limitless magic made in our little house. A little girl will be filled with eager anticipation of presents, by the over eager heart of her own mother. We will make memories, sweeter than any aroma. We have been adding sticky glitter foam letters to packages to spruce up the boring store-bought paper. We have pretty little birds for our labels, and her little eyes shine when she sees them. She knows which package belongs to which beloved relative and goes and points to them. She takes ornaments from the tree and brings them to me to rehang. There will be days of this and each of them will be cherished forever in my mama heart. 

The good thing about my mama heart is that its capacity to hold memories and give love is limitless. And just in case, I have lots of cameras laying around to snap more solid memories. 

I just want to, need to, cling to every moment and hold it tight. This Christmas will be the best one yet and I don't want to forget one singe thing that happens, not one hug, one kiss, or even one tantrum. 

I'm going to be soaking up the holidays. My plan is to schedule some posts to go up during the next few days, but there might be a gap. I'll be back on Thursday, but for now...I'm off to enjoy, breath, live, consume every moment of this lovely holiday.

Happy Christmas!!

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