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Monday, December 10, 2012

Making Christmas Magic

Our Elf on the Shelf has given me a new perspective on Christmas as a mama. Everyone always says what a magical time of year Christmas is, but how and why is it so magical?

The answer lies within you. 

Last night, a friend was asking me about our elf. And my daughter was sitting in my lap; her daughter was laying in her belly. She asked how long we'd had Snowflake, and I told her we had gotten him this week. And she was asking if he moved around the house, and I was telling her about the places he'd been. My husband was like, hey, the little girl's listening. Yes, indeed she was. Our words were guarded to preserve the magic but she was still listening intently. 

And that's when it dawned on me. I am the magic maker. The magic she will know during this season will be created by yours truly. Each magical activity we do, the elf, Santa, right down to decorating, all of that is created by us. An illusion that magic exists, perhaps, but what is magic other than our own perception? The magician masterfully creates an illusion which we perceive to be  what the magician desires for us to perceive. And that is that. 

Her memories, her beliefs, they will all come straight from my own hands. I will create the illusions of Snowflake the elf and of Santa Claus, and I will do it so well that she believes that I believe, and the magic will come from within me. And in so doing all of this, I, too, will believe in the magic that I myself create. 

And I will have more fun in life than others. And so will she. 

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  1. So sweet and so true and it's a good feeling right, making magic for your little one :-)

    Btw, love the elf, i want one too :-)


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