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Thursday, December 27, 2012

On Our Bookshelf

I majored in English in college. I've always been a reader. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of reading to my own child one day. the way my dad read to me, the way the librarians at school read to the class. I read to my dolls.

I began reading to my daughter before she was born. And as soon as she was born, and still now. We read every. single. day. Sometimes every book we own, other times the same book over and over and over again.

Reading is important to me. It's very simple.

My daughter is 23 months old and these are three of our favorite books we right now. 


This one is wonderful for going to sleep. I'm still not sure if we've finished it together...I know I have, but I think she's been asleep before the end every time. Hmmm. Wonder why we like it so much?

We need more of these books! So cute and such a great way to teach sharing at an age where everything is MINE MINE MINE.
The illustrations in this book are divine. Richly colored and full of details. We look for the bugs and cricket on every page. And the words flow, which is important when you read it repeatedly. Andplusalso it has a great moral about being an individual and not listening to what others say. There are several more books by this author, which we have and love. I recommend any you can get your hands on!

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