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Sunday, December 23, 2012

What We'll be Doing

It's and we're on the cusp of Christmas Eve. Some people don't start their celebrations until Christmas Eve and others, like us, will already be running around trying to see everyone. 

Here's a look at our itinerary.

Christmas Eve-Eve
My grandmother's (dad's mom) for lunch at one. 30 minute drive there and back.
Nap time. Because I will be damned if we're missing that.
Dinner with my husband's dad's family. At a restaurant and then back to his grandmother's for a white elephant exchange.

Christmas Eve
My husband has to work until around 2 p.m.
My daughter and I will use this "alone" time to go spend a while with my parents.
Then we'll have nap time.
Dinner with my husband's mom's family at six and another white elephant exchange.
After that, our daughter's godparents will come over to exchange gifts. This is mostly relaxing, other than the toddler won't go to sleep so Santa can get to work until they leave. 
My husband and I will be lucky to get a few hours sleep. We have a kitchen to build, a chair to assemble and a giraffe rocker to put together. Mainly, that kitchen....

Christmas Day
We will wake up whenever the little one does and promptly get to the toy business.
And as soon as humanly possible, I will begin imbibing gallons of coffee
We'll play for a while, my parents will come over.
Then we'll go to my parent's for lunch. Exchange gifts with my brothers and nieces.
We'll have nap time.
When we wake up from that, we'll head to my husband's parent's to open gifts with them. 
We'll get home who knows when.

The Clean Up
My husband and I have the day off. Our plan is to play with toys all day long. Period. And take a nap. 

So that's pretty much it. That's not too much, right? 
Happy Christmas Eve Eve!!

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