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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weekend Thoughts and a Craft Project

I'm going to start this post with a quote from myself, from my private blog:
 This time next week, we'll be unwrapping presents and playing with massive amounts of new toys. It's so exciting. And yet...I know this Christmas will be shadowed by the tragedy that occurred last Friday in CT. The thing about this is that it will shadow our Christmas this year; but for those families, that Christmas shadow is part of their reality forever and ever. It's not that we won't think of it in years to come, since I'm not sure I'll ever be able to forget watching those families bury their babies, but it won't have the same overwhelming since to it for us in the years to come. 

My hope is that we don't forget these children and families; that this isn't just a media induced fad for us, that we'll take this tragedy and move forward. We'll become better as a nation, we'll face these issues and look for real solutions to them. As a mother, I can't face it any other way. I felt myself, this weekend, trying to embrace more, love more, be more present with my family. I hope that I move those feelings forward into the future, and make myself a better mother and human being.  Only time will tell.

We took the day to shop as a family yesterday. Although the day was far from the best, it was filled with fun memories to take forward with us. There were tantrums all over the mall, refusals to enter certain stores and eating establishments. There was  a pouty faced little girl getting her picture made with Santa.  There were fun memories made and fun had by all, despite the setbacks. 

Weekends around our house are always filled with crafts, and this weekend was no exception. We did two simple crafts, although one is not yet finished or photographed. The finished one used sticky foam and glitter sticky foam to make Christmas trees and a snowman. I love how my little one decorated the little trees, focusing on the bottoms of the trees, just like she does on real trees. And she insisted that she get stars for all three tress, and while I was certain she would stick them somewhere random, she stuck them right on top. Constant surprises from this girl, constant. 

We also did hand prints in salt dough. I plan on making these into Santa faces and giving them to the grandmothers. I just need to pick up white paint. I never see the point of white paint, and therefore never have it, but how else do you paint a beard or white fur trim? Duh. White paints is a must! Hopefully, we'll finish those tonight and I can post pictures of the finished project tomorrow. 

I love these days. I love them so much. And while I didn't need a tragedy to remind me to focus on my family, the tragedy has only made me focus harder, more intently.  

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