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Friday, December 14, 2012


I had a really light hearted post planned for today. But then something terrible happened to little kids in a school and well, now my heart is heavy. 

So. Heavy.

Who does something so evil to even ONE little human being, much less so many?

My heart hurts, my soul aches and my cheeks glisten from the moisture of many tears.

Twenty children were dropped off at school this morning, by loving parents. Loving parents who anticipated holiday festivities this weekend, shopping and parties, sleeping in and pancake breakfasts, a life time of cartoons and kisses and Christmases.

And then all of that was shattered. No pieces left to pick up, just gone. Gone in a blink. Children murdered, their last moments spent in fear. Children looking forward to the holidays minutes before, focused on letters or numbers or play time. Little children, lost. Dreams and visions ruined. 

Parents gathered together to find out if their child was one of those lost. A child that they loved and cherished taken from them in someone else's anger. 

Rooms filled with fear. Children who know not the full extent of death, facing it. Parents who understand death, and would willingly face it in place of their children, facing those children's deaths. Death everywhere and fear.

I wish I could reach out my arms and wrap them around every singe one. The children and the parents. But alas, my arms don't reach that far. 

They do, however, reach far enough for me to hug my own precious little girl and my own husband. My voice reaching out with words of love to them, and words of love to my own parents. 

Love everyone in your life. Never take one single second for-granted because you're not promised the next. Give too many hugs, shower little faces with too many kisses, hold hands with your spouse for no reason, love openly and freely, and in so doing, honor the lives of those little tiny souls. This world needs more love, it can never have to much, and love and love alone will help heal this wounded world. 

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